Learn How To Stay Sharp At All Times By Cutting Your Own Hair

By LilLonBeats on Oct 25, 2015 in Cut Your Own Hair , Money Saving Tip , Save Money - Comments Off on Learn How To Stay Sharp At All Times By Cutting Your Own Hair

Cutting Your Own Hair

I know most of you who have visited my blog before and is new to my blog is wondering why i may be posting about “Cutting Your Own Hair” since my blog posts are primarily music related… If you haven’t noticed, looking your best at all times is one of the most important things when it comes to being an Entertainer or Musician in this matter… You never know when you may have to make an appearance in a video shoot, perform, take a photo with a fan, or even have your photo taking unexpectedly by a fan. Anyway, all I’m saying is you need to stay fresh at all times, and what better way to do that if you know how to cut your own hair. Just like myself, you know that the barbershop is not open all the times and is not fast enough for you at times.

Also, we all have had bad experiences at the barbershop, and our first response would be to find a new barber. What most people don’t know is many, like myself, have venture out into learning how to cut your own hair after such experiences. Learning to cut your own hair is very beneficial and it takes a lot of dedication for one to actually learn how to cut their own hair. It has been the sole mission of the Self Cut System to make it easier for “Self barbers” to cut with their revolutionary 3 way mirror.

Benefits of Cutting Your Own Hair:

#1 Cutting your own hair will save you a lot money.
 Getting your hair cut on a weekly basis can be expensive. On average, I used to spend about 80 dollar a month on haircuts plus tips. This is almost about 1,000 dollars a year that I could have spend on something else like my other bills and (maybe some new clothes and sneakers)

#2 You can avoid the hassle of the barbershop. Imagine not having to wait in long lines, listen to meaningless conversation, pay $20 a cut and cross your fingers in hopes that the barber got the cut correct. Well, you can avoid all of that by being able to cut your own hair. By cutting your own hair you can escape all of the barbershop

#3 Staying well groomed at all times. 
By cutting your own hair you don’t have any valid excuse of not looking your best at all time. The lady’s tend to be more attracted to men that take pride in their appearance. There have been times when I needed a cut for a last minute occasion and because of my self cut system skills I was able to attend the interview looking fresh as if I went to a barber.

#4 You are your own best barber
, from the very first time I cut my own hair. I did it with the intention to get the desire look that I wanted. Sometimes barbers can’t see your vision and that’s where being my own best barber comes into play. Occasionally I feel like rocking a Mohawk or sometimes I want a bald fade. I’m never scared to try new things with my hairstyle and if I mess-up I feel good that I didn’t pay someone 20 bucks to do so. I often get complemented on my hairstyles and people tend ask for my barber’s information and they’re usually surprised to know that I cut my own hair. “The sooner you start cutting your hair, the sooner you’ll start getting better at it. You will become a personal barber to the most important client you’ll ever have – yourself.

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