Should You Use Google Adwords For Beat Sales?

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Should You Use Google Adwords For Beat Sales?

By The LilLonBeats

Warning, You can either lose all of your money or win big with google adwords. Pay Per Click can be a tricky task and you should know the basics before you even attempt to try it.

There are many companies that offer Pay Pay Click services to website owners. Google has its advertising program name Google Adwords which will allow your website to be found when people search for keywords in your industry.

For example, if you visit and search for “Hip Hop Instrumentals”, you will see many listings show up. There are natural listings and there are listings that people pay for. On the right side of the page is usually where you will see the sponsored ads and sometimes also presented on the top or the bottom of the natural listing.

With their advertising network you can pay to have your ads show up when some one searches for keywords that are relevant to your market. You would place bids for placement and pay for each time a person clicks your ads.

Should You Use Google to Advertise Your Beats

As the Internet gets more and more competitive, more website owners are competing for the same keywords in the same industry. The beat industry is no different and the rates to advertise are getting higher. This is where it can be a critical decision as to whether or not to use google adwords.

The cost per click a few years ago was an average of $.15 -.20 per click. This has now gone up to $.60 -$1.10 per click. You can spend $200 on ads and it can run out with out a single sale. Before you make the attempt to place ads that you pay for, you should know how much your site can convert with out paying for traffic. If you discover that for every 100 hits you can make a sale, then you would know that you have a 1% conversion rate. This information can be very important so you don’t go in blindly. You can get an idea as to how many clicks you will pay for before you can possibly get a sell. If the sale of your beat leaves you with a profit after your beat sells, then you can consider the option to pay for clicks. If you lose money and don’t make up for what you put out for ads initially, then you may want to consider a different approach.

There are many factors that go into a successful PPC campaign. The way you write your ads, the headline you use and the keywords you chose can all play an important factor in your success or failure. Make sure you do a keyword search to know what people look for in your industry. What I have found from my research are the following:

Rap Beats

Dirty South Beats

Rap Instrumental Beats

Buy Beats

Hip Hop Instrumentals

Buy Beats Online

Hip Hop Beats
Based on Googles Keyword Tool, these keywords are searched by thousands monthly.

Last tip I will give you here is don’t bid on broad terms that can waste your money. For example – the word “beat” or “Instrumental” by it self will get you a lot of unwanted traffic. This in fact will put you over budget and eat your money away fast. The reason is there are many broad searches with these words and the person may not be looking for the exact thing you provide. Therefore stick to using keyword phrases for more success.