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By LilLonBeats on Oct 02, 2015 in Music , Music Promo Advice - Comments Off on Send Me Beats

Send Beats To Unsigned, Indie, and Major Artist Around The Globe!

How To Send Beats To Artists’ Email Addresses.

  • Click on a link below to visit the twitter page that contains all of the pages of the people looking for beats.
  •  Look at all the up-to-date tweets.
  • Then highlight all the tweets you want.
  • Copy and Paste all the tweets selected [To the Notepad for (windows) and Text Edit for (mac)].
  • Sort thru all the (tweets) “send me beats” and delete any tweet(s) that is tweeted by a producer since you are only looking to send beats to artist.
  • When finished sorting. Highlight the tweets in your “Notepad or Text Edit” app and copy them.
  • Then go to and paste the tweets in the box.
  •   Click “EXTRACT” and it will extract all the emails in the tweets for you.
  • Highlight the emails and copy them.
  • Then go to your email provider and select “Compose An Email”,
  • Paste all the emails inside the (BCC) area instead of pasting into the (TO) area. <– This Is Done To Make Message Appear As An Exclusive Message Rather Than You Trying To Promote Your Beats To Multiple People.
  • Finally, write a good email with a subject line/title. Ex. ( HOT BEATS FOR YOU, YOU’LL LOVE THESE BEATS, HAVE YOUR HEARD THESE BEATS) or any good subject to capture the Artists attention. Then write a good body message…. Ex. ( I saw your tweet on twitter the other day saying that you need beats/are looking for hot beats)
  • If you are to send beats to the artist(s). I would advice you to make it like a one minute sample with your vocal tag in it, or you can send them the whole beat with your vocal tag appearing multiple times throughout the beat. Also, make sure you put your (URL/Purchase Link) Somewhere in the description so that the artist will know where they can hear more of your beats or better yet purchase them.

Send Beats To All Yahoo Emails (Yahoo Emails Only)

Send Beats To All Gmail Emails  (Gmail Emails Only)

Send Beats To All Hotmail Emails (Hotmail Emails Only)


If your beats are hot. You will see that artists will email you back. You will have some that will only ask for free beats, and some that will ask you your price whether its for a lease or exclusive rights purchase(s). My advice to you, is not to give up, and keep sending beats nearly twice to three times a week. Skipping a day or two between emails to avoid being looked at as spam, and in no time you will get some serious “beat” buyers.