M.Y.O.B (Make Your Own Beats) – Beat Making Software

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YOU CAN MAKE: Unique Beats and Music Samples Within Minutes Of Downloading The BTV Solo Beat Machine. You Get Custom Drum Sounds That Have Never Been Heard Before. YOU CAN Export Your Beats To Wav. Files In No Time After Making High Quality Beats.

YOU CAN: Make Beats By Using Your Computer Keyboard or Mouse To Make Beats On The Beat Machine. You Don’t Even Need A MIDI Controller Even Though You Can Use It To Make Beats If You Would Like To.

– If YOU’VE Never Thought To Make Beats Before, NO WORRIES The BTV Solo Beat Machine Is Very Easy and Simple to Learn. Making Beats With This Virtual Beat Machine Will Be Fun For You.

I GUARANTEE THAT : It Will Be So Fun and Easy That You Can Even Make 10 Beats A Day Easily.

Now, Thats How You Make Beats!


The BTV SOLO:Virtual Beat Maker Machine…
This Virtual Beat Making Machine Is Easy and Simple To Use!

The BTV Solo: Virtual Beat Maker Machine – Is Original and Very Easy To Use. When It Comes To The Beat Machine, I Assure To You That The BTV Beat Maker Software Is The Easiest Virtual Beat Maker Software On The Market. Plus, There’s  No Need For You To Spend $500 – $2500 on a “MPC” Beat Machine These Days. Simply, Because Technology Will Allow You To Bang Out Hot Beats Within Minutes After You Download The BTV Solo Beat Machine.

Music Artists Save MONEY – You Will Save Money On Beat Cost(s), Over Priced Producers, and Save Time Looking For Production On The Internet Yourself. So, Why Wait! Make Beats Today On Your Own!!!

 Beat Makers Save MONEY – You Don’t Have To Spend Your Hard Earned Money On Other Over Priced Virtual Beat Maker Machines When For Only $39.95 (Affordable Low Price). You Can Get What $2000.00 Of Software Can Do For You
Right On Your MAC OR PC Computer Today!

The BTV SOLO: Virtual Beat Machine Saves You Both Time and Money!