How To Promote Your Music On Internet Forums

By LilLonBeats on Sep 22, 2015 in Music , Music Promo Advice - Comments Off on How To Promote Your Music On Internet Forums

Internet forums are an essential place when working with and advertising with music. They don’t only contain news, tips and a lot of useful information, they are also a really good place to show off your tunes and gather a fan base. But there are also a few rules to follow when advertising on forums.


1. Don’t just register to several forums and as a first message tell people to check you out. That doesn’t work and people will probably just ignore you because they can see you’re only there to advertise. Many people sees it as “spam”.


2. Sign up to the forum, write a lot of interesting things, comment on different topics and stay active. That way people recognize you and if you have some interesting things and tips to give out, they will start appreciating you. They will be interested in what you’re all about if you’ve given some good advice and good information to the forum.


3. Always use a signature on your posts with your website on it as well as some other valuable information about you. But remember, keep it short and simple. No one likes to read long signatures. By doing this, every person reading your posts sees the link to your website. And if your posts are interesting, people will click the link and go to your page to check you out.


Forums are a good place to promote yourself but you have to do it right so people won’t confuse you as a spammer. Don’t sign up to a forum just because you want more fans. Do it to stay up-to-date on everything that is happening in the industry and on the side you might get some more listeners, fans and even friends. Build connections and it will serve you well for a long time. Connections are the main thing in the music industry.


So go and join forums, be active!


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