Future’s New Album “DS2”

By LilLonBeats on Sep 19, 2015 in Music - Comments Off on Future’s New Album “DS2”

Futures New Album Cover DS2

I’ve been seeing hundreds of Tweets, FB Statuses, IG posts, and etc…about Future’s new album DS2. So, i decided to give it a look and i must say that its GARBAGE! ‪#‎RealSpit‬ I don’t understand and can’t hear a single thing he’s saying. Only thing good about the shit is his choice of beats and the fact that he discover new production talent (mike will, sonny digital, and a few others). Also, i found it funny that he put Drake on his ,”Where Ya At”-single. When he was hollering that when Drake didn’t show up for his “Tony Montana” – single Video shoot, to attend a museum event or some like that, which jump started his career. Lol… Now, i see why Drake said he’s on rappers pay his bills shit. SMH!