Learn Hip-Hop Belly Dancing *Video Vixens*

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Hip-Hop Belly Dancing Course – is an online belly dance class that has been gaining in popularity, but is it effective? Here’s a review of its pros and cons.

Mariella of Hip-Hop Belly Dancing Course offers over 50 videos (over 8 hours) of belly dance instruction and promises a fun, engaging and easy way to learn hip-hop belly dancing.


Judging from the content being offered, this course is relatively inexpensive compared to other belly dancing DVDs. But lets take a closer look at its pros and cons.

The Pros:

– Belly Dancing Course is one of the most comprehensive class on belly dancing I’ve seen. It includes 5 major routines taught by 3 different teachers. It covers almost every move, including advanced combinations and performances. As such it is great for both beginners and experts alike.

– One-on-One coaching is priceless. Mariella offers private individual coaching by skype and email. This is indeed invaluable for anyone starting in belly dancing and its the closest thing you can get as compared to a real live dance class.

– This high-caliber package has earned accolades for Mariella’s clear and supportive teaching style, her attention to solid technique, as well as for its exceptional production quality. It’s fun, easy to follow and “holds your hand” at every step of the way.

– You get the convenient option of watching online, downloading all the videos or getting the DVD edition.

– Also, Belly Dancing Course is the only online course I’ve ever see to offer a full money back guarantee. That means if you’re not completely satisfied with the course, you will get your money back. It makes this a risk-free to try it out.

The Cons:

– As with any dance class, the best learning environment is in a real class. However, Belly Dancing Course is the closest thing you can get if you don’t have the time or money to sign up for a class in your area. The one-on-one private coaching by Mariella really separates this from other similar online courses.

– It may be a little overwhelming at first due to the huge amount of content. However, all videos are organized by category so if you’re a beginner, you should start with the basics right at the top.

Here’s the bottom line:

Overall, there is no doubt that Belly Dancing Course is a very comprehensive and detailed online class that comes with a great amount of content and exceptional video production.

The private coaching by Mariella makes this course head and shoulders above any other similar course on belly dancing.

I highly recommend this course and if you’re looking to start belly dancing, this will be perfect companion to get started with.


Piano Practice Can Be Fun Too!…

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Most people don’t really want to ‘learn’ to play the piano or ‘practice’ the piano, they just want to ‘play’ piano. ‘Play’ sounds like fun, ‘practice’ sounds like a chore. We get this image from childhood – some kid stuck indoors ‘practicing’ scales while all the other kids are outside the window ‘playing’.

So, first thing we need to do is to see our piano practice in a new light. See it as a way of accelerating the learning process so that SOON you’ll be able to ‘play’ piano and play it well. If you don’t practice and you just play old familiar tunes you move rather slowly. Yes, you’ll get better at playing those old familiar tunes but technically you won’t be pushing yourself to greater heights.

Proper, structured piano practice helps you stride forwards. I say ‘proper’ because a lot of people have an idea that practice IS just playing songs over and over. Practice needs to involve unchartered territory. The golden rule is – ‘practice what you CAN’T play, not what you CAN play’.

First of all, work out what you want to achieve. Do you just want to know all your chords without thinking about how they are formed – then work out a practice routine that leads to that goal. Maybe you want to learn about inversions or chord substitution – again, make the practice fit the goal.

Split your practice session into two halves. In the first half play the difficult stuff – your mind is sharper to begin with – then reward yourself with some enjoyable but reasonably difficult tunes. Make sure you are comfortable. Many a bad back has happened because of a bad piano stool at the wrong height. Make sure your piano is in tune. If you don’t have a good piano and are serious about learning GO BUY A GOOD ONE.
Every fifteen minutes stretch your arms and shoulders and roll your neck to combat stiffness. Check out some Yoga exercises for shoulders and back.

Follow the 3 times daily rule. Repetition in practice is ESSENTIAL. If you find something particularly difficult make sure you practice it at least 3 times every day. Don’t worry if it takes months to master – you’ll get there.
Don’t play for the neighbors. Practice piano at a time when you don’t care who is listening so that you can make lot’s of mistakes and play things over and over. Organize your piano music carefully – don’t keep it in a heap where you keep playing the ones on top. If you download sheet music put it in a folder. Have plenty of shelves near the piano. Be realistic – I truly believe that anyone can learn piano and learn it to an enjoyable level but no two people are alike – some are more ‘naturally’ gifted than others. If you have an average ability then it’s all down to practice. The more you practice the more you learn.

Now and then, practice with your eyes closed – or don’t look at the keys – this really sharpens you up. Organize your life so that practice is possible (this where Mindfulness comes in). Too many people think they don’t have time to practice when really they just haven’t found the time. How long should you practice – that’s up to what you want to achieve. You don’t have to be a concert pianist. Even if you just play for yourself just enjoy that. The archer who’s mind is on the prize cannot stay focused on the target. Accept the bad days when it seems like you can’t play a note. Sometimes it’s better to walk away. So remember that ‘playing’ piano and ‘practicing’ piano are different. Which do you do? Aim for a bit of both.



Beat Generals – High Quality FL Studio Video Tutorials & Drum Sounds

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If you’ve ever thought about making hip-hop beats either for yourself, for fun, or even to try  and sell your music online, it can be tough if you have no idea where to start. But even if you’re already somewhat advanced and making your own beats already, it seems like there’s always something more to learn, right?

For example, one of the biggest challenges new beat producers face is getting their hands on quality drums that sound great.

Even more fundamental – most people don’t even know where to start with making the simplest beat. So, how can you learn how to make professional sounding beats?

Most of the time, it takes people YEARS to learn how to make their beats sound somewhat decent and even more time to make them sound really good. You don’t want to spend years, right? Of course not, you want your beats to sound amazing NOW.

Well I’ve got some good news for you!

Start Free Trial Now!

Beat Generals is now available. It’s a service that provides new producers and established producers with quality High Definition video tutorials and industry quality drum sounds to get you on the right path to fulfilling all of your music goals.

Beat Generals uses FL Studio, one of the most popular music production programs in the music industry today. FL Studio alone is responsible for hit records by Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., Drake, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Chris Brown, and even Eminem!

You will literally be walked through, quickly and easily, from absolute beginner to making the kind of beats you hear your favorite rappers on in no time!

In today’s super competitive music industry, can you really wait years to learn all this stuff by yourself?

Not if you want to keep up with the competition.

Beat Generals offers a free trial, so you really have nothing to lose. Try them out today and start making your own beats now.

 Start Free Trial Now!

Buy Hip Hop Beats | Buy Rap Beats | Buy R&B Beats | Buy Beats Online

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The beats in the player (below) or all hosted at Rocbattle.com beat website.
I’m an official affiliate of Rocbattle.
I have the permission to promote and sell all the beats listed within the beat player.
Beats will be hand picked by me and added to the beat player on a weekly basis.
When ever you purchase any beat(s).
You will be purchasing them from Rocbattle.
If there is an issue what-so-ever with your purchase you will need to contact Rocbattle.
I’m not responsible for any mishandled transactions. I’m just the beat promoter.
So, with out farther do. Here’s how you purchase the beats from the player.

Beat Buying Instructions:
1. Browse The BEAT PLAYER
2. Click The +ADD Button (Add To Cart)
3. Click The CHECK OUT Button (To Buy Beats)
4. You Will Be Redirected To PAYPAL.
5. All BEATS Will Be Delivered INSTANTLY Via Email (To PayPal Email Address)

Have Any Problems Contact ROCBATTLE Staff IMMEDIATELY!

Learn Photo Editing and Trick Photography

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Learn Photo Editing and Trick Photography

Want To Take Your Photoshop Skills To The Next Level!

Click On The One Of The Two Banners Below To Get Started:

Learn Photo Editing


Trick Photography


Music Distribution (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3) and Music Selling Advice

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Sell Your Music

If you are a unsigned and indie artist and you are wondering how you can get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Google Play, Xbox Music and etc…

Click The Image Below: (To Sign Up To Sell Your Music)

Route Note Music Distribution

Below Is A Question That Most Unsigned and Indie Artist Ask:

“Should I Sell My Music or Give It Away For Free”

Here Is A Legit Reason As To Why You Should Sell Your Music As Oppose To Giving It Away For Free:

The Question?

It’s a question that so many songwriters,rappers, and producers that are just starting out will ask themselves: “Should I sell my music or give it away for free?” You may be thinking, why would you give it away?! If you want to make music your career, then you need to make music make you money! True. That is certainly the long-term goal of many songwriters. But is charging a buck per song from the very beginning always the best way to achieve this goal?

The Answer!

Most Artists post their songs as free downloads as opposed to foreign artists who make their songs available on commercial platforms like iTunes,Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Google Play, and more…

The problem of making your music available for free is that Your Music Will Have A Lower Perceived Value. Perceived value is what people think your product is worth. If something is widely available for free, people will naturally feel like it’s not worth as much as it’s easy to obtain. This is how a lot of people think about music right now. If however something is harder to obtain or it’s a higher price, people naturally think it’s of a better quality. Because of this, it’s sometimes possible to raise the price of your product and make more sales then if you set a lower price point. You of course, don’t want to charge so much that it’s not worth buying your music, but giving it all away for free will definitely make people perceive your music to have less value.

You’ll Lose Money. Making good quality music isn’t free. You have to pay to use the recording studio, for the cost of pressing up products, for marketing, promotion expenses, and for anything else that needs to be done. If you do all of this only to give your music out for free, you are losing out on money. And where does that money come from? My guess is your own pocket. You shouldn’t be paying to make other people happy, it should be a two way thing. You should benefit from people hearing your music, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for something in exchange for your songs.

You Will Lose Motivation. If you keep spending money on creating music that people don’t end up downloading, you will eventually lose motivation. If you lose motivation, what’s to keep you making music any more? We get into music for the love of it, but there are things along that way that have a musician giving up on the industry. If you don’t want to become one of these people, you will need to start seeing some tangible results ($$$). Giving out your music free of charge doesn’t often give tangible results, so it is not really worth you doing.

What You Should Be Doing Instead!

So, now we know you shouldn’t be giving your music out for free, what should you be doing instead? Well:

You should be selling it. You should have some songs available to download as part of an exchange process.

The selling your music part it pretty obvious. You should have your music on a shop page of your website where people can buy it in exchange for money.

The exchange process on the other hand is something quite different.

Instead of letting people download your music for nothing in return, you should only allow people to download some of your songs if they help you out in some way. This could be them giving you their contact details, or by them promoting your music in some way. This is a win win situation for everyone. They get to download your music and learn about you, and you get to keep in contact with them or have them promote you to all their friends.

Learn How To Stay Sharp At All Times By Cutting Your Own Hair

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Cutting Your Own Hair

I know most of you who have visited my blog before and is new to my blog is wondering why i may be posting about “Cutting Your Own Hair” since my blog posts are primarily music related… If you haven’t noticed, looking your best at all times is one of the most important things when it comes to being an Entertainer or Musician in this matter… You never know when you may have to make an appearance in a video shoot, perform, take a photo with a fan, or even have your photo taking unexpectedly by a fan. Anyway, all I’m saying is you need to stay fresh at all times, and what better way to do that if you know how to cut your own hair. Just like myself, you know that the barbershop is not open all the times and is not fast enough for you at times.

Also, we all have had bad experiences at the barbershop, and our first response would be to find a new barber. What most people don’t know is many, like myself, have venture out into learning how to cut your own hair after such experiences. Learning to cut your own hair is very beneficial and it takes a lot of dedication for one to actually learn how to cut their own hair. It has been the sole mission of the Self Cut System to make it easier for “Self barbers” to cut with their revolutionary 3 way mirror.

Benefits of Cutting Your Own Hair:

#1 Cutting your own hair will save you a lot money.
 Getting your hair cut on a weekly basis can be expensive. On average, I used to spend about 80 dollar a month on haircuts plus tips. This is almost about 1,000 dollars a year that I could have spend on something else like my other bills and (maybe some new clothes and sneakers)

#2 You can avoid the hassle of the barbershop. Imagine not having to wait in long lines, listen to meaningless conversation, pay $20 a cut and cross your fingers in hopes that the barber got the cut correct. Well, you can avoid all of that by being able to cut your own hair. By cutting your own hair you can escape all of the barbershop

#3 Staying well groomed at all times. 
By cutting your own hair you don’t have any valid excuse of not looking your best at all time. The lady’s tend to be more attracted to men that take pride in their appearance. There have been times when I needed a cut for a last minute occasion and because of my self cut system skills I was able to attend the interview looking fresh as if I went to a barber.

#4 You are your own best barber
, from the very first time I cut my own hair. I did it with the intention to get the desire look that I wanted. Sometimes barbers can’t see your vision and that’s where being my own best barber comes into play. Occasionally I feel like rocking a Mohawk or sometimes I want a bald fade. I’m never scared to try new things with my hairstyle and if I mess-up I feel good that I didn’t pay someone 20 bucks to do so. I often get complemented on my hairstyles and people tend ask for my barber’s information and they’re usually surprised to know that I cut my own hair. “The sooner you start cutting your hair, the sooner you’ll start getting better at it. You will become a personal barber to the most important client you’ll ever have – yourself.

Shop Now for your Self-Cut System PRO kit with Andis Barber Combo Clipper and Trimmer Set at Self-Cut System!

Download Free Virtual Instruments (VSTs) and Free Drum Kits Online

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Download Free Virtual Instruments (VSTs) and Free Drum Kits Online

Below Is A List Of Sites Where You Can Download Tons Of High Quality Vsts For Free!!! It may take some time to pick and choose what you want on these sites, but the free sounds are worth the effort.

 For those who do not know what virtual instruments (vsts) are and how they are used?. They are plugins that are inserted into a particular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of your liking, such as Protools, Cubase, FL Studio, Presonus, Sonar, Reasons, Logic, Ableton Live, and more… They can be different sounds like synthesizers (synths), organs, pianos, and  etc…

Note: I suggest you come up with a plan right away on how you want to organize these Vsts. So the really good ones don’t get lost in a folder of hundreds.

Here is a great tutorial on installing Vst’s in FL Studio by NFX @ Warbeats.com – Warbeats Tutorial – Installing VST plugins

Enjoy Downloading Hundred Of Free Virtual Instruments and Free Drum Kits!


How To Make Extra Money To Buy Hip Hop Beats and Beat Making Software

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Hi, Guys and Gals. This blog post is to inform you of a guaranteed way to “Make Some Extra Money Online”, which can go towards purchasing hip hop beats, rap beats for sale, and/or your own beat making software if you are a producer/beat maker or is looking to get started with making your own beats. I know that times are hard for some people and they just don’t have the funds to buy the beats they want or even buy the music or beat making software they need or want, yet along make enough money for studio time.

Not to bore, you’ll with all of the sad stories of not having any funds to buy this and that… I have attached 3 banners below of 3 top PTC (Paid To Click) and GPT (Get  Paid To ) sites. For those of you, whom may not know what a ptc or gpt site is. They are sites that allow you to make some free extra money by simply browsing the net , which might be exactly what you are doing at the present moment that lead you to stumbled upon this blog post, click on offers to view websites for a minimum of 5-10 secs, fill out surveys, and etc.. If you want to know more about what these sites offer click on the banners below and sign up immediately to start making some extra money to buy the beats and music equipment you may be looking to purchase in the near future.


  Here Are The Websites: (Click Banners To Visit Sites)



Get Paid To Do Free Offers!



M.Y.O.B (Make Your Own Beats) – Beat Making Software

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YOU CAN MAKE: Unique Beats and Music Samples Within Minutes Of Downloading The BTV Solo Beat Machine. You Get Custom Drum Sounds That Have Never Been Heard Before. YOU CAN Export Your Beats To Wav. Files In No Time After Making High Quality Beats.

YOU CAN: Make Beats By Using Your Computer Keyboard or Mouse To Make Beats On The Beat Machine. You Don’t Even Need A MIDI Controller Even Though You Can Use It To Make Beats If You Would Like To.

– If YOU’VE Never Thought To Make Beats Before, NO WORRIES The BTV Solo Beat Machine Is Very Easy and Simple to Learn. Making Beats With This Virtual Beat Machine Will Be Fun For You.

I GUARANTEE THAT : It Will Be So Fun and Easy That You Can Even Make 10 Beats A Day Easily.

Now, Thats How You Make Beats!


The BTV SOLO:Virtual Beat Maker Machine…
This Virtual Beat Making Machine Is Easy and Simple To Use!

The BTV Solo: Virtual Beat Maker Machine – Is Original and Very Easy To Use. When It Comes To The Beat Machine, I Assure To You That The BTV Beat Maker Software Is The Easiest Virtual Beat Maker Software On The Market. Plus, There’s  No Need For You To Spend $500 – $2500 on a “MPC” Beat Machine These Days. Simply, Because Technology Will Allow You To Bang Out Hot Beats Within Minutes After You Download The BTV Solo Beat Machine.

Music Artists Save MONEY – You Will Save Money On Beat Cost(s), Over Priced Producers, and Save Time Looking For Production On The Internet Yourself. So, Why Wait! Make Beats Today On Your Own!!!

 Beat Makers Save MONEY – You Don’t Have To Spend Your Hard Earned Money On Other Over Priced Virtual Beat Maker Machines When For Only $39.95 (Affordable Low Price). You Can Get What $2000.00 Of Software Can Do For You
Right On Your MAC OR PC Computer Today!

The BTV SOLO: Virtual Beat Machine Saves You Both Time and Money!

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